Now that the weather is getting warmer, all the pests that come with summer are going to be showing up. Mosquitoes, fleas, wasps, and bees will all be making their presence known, and while most people take care to prevent bites and stings to themselves, sometimes we forget that they can really hurt our cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs are especially susceptible to bee stings or bug bites because they are inclined to chase or snap at bees and bugs. If your cat or dog does get a bee sting, make sure you don’t freak out. That will just get your pet upset.

Try and put a cold compress on the area to bring swelling down and ease the sting. However, if more than just a small area swells up, it is important to seek veterinary attention for your pet immediately. Cats and dogs can have severe allergic reactions, just like humans do, and a severe reaction can be fatal.

An animal with a severe reaction may experience pale gums, break out into hives, have difficulty breathing or even vomiting and serious swelling. It’s usually pretty easy to see where a sting has occurred because the most common locations for bee stings and bug bites are on the nose or the paws.

This summer, make sure you do what you can to prevent your pets from getting injured – treat your yard for mosquitoes, call an exterminator if you see an extreme amount of spiders, and make sure there are no bees or wasps building a nest anywhere near where your pet may be playing.

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