Police officers saw Avery Davis, 26, while investigating a burglary in Riviera Beach, Florida. Davis matched the description of the suspect and police saw him was carrying some packages. Davis also had his pit bull accompanying him. Police asked Davis to put the packages down, and this resulted in a confrontation.

Davis wasn’t going to give up easily and he broke into a run. The police shot him with a stun gun, yet he still managed to get away. He then took the dog off the leash and told the dog “Kill’em boy.” The dog must have been stunned by the intense situation, so he didn’t follow his owner’s instructions properly.

In the confusion, the pit bull ended up attacking his owner instead! He bit the suspect on his backside and hounded him so much that Davis ended up hiding under a car!

Dogs are intensely loyal to their owners, but what this dog did in confusion turned out to be perfect.

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