Street dogs are rampant in many parts of the world. In Houston alone, millions of street dogs are trying to survive every day. They do not get the love and protection that dogs with families have. They can get hurt or even attacked at any time. A man posted a picture of a severely wounded dog on his social media. The poor dog looked like she was in a lot of pain, yet he mocked her.


It didn’t take long for such an image to go viral. Rescuers came to retrieve the dog that was named Pumpkin. They also discovered that she had a tiny puppy with her struggling to stay alive. They were both rushed to the vet for treatment.

Pumpkin was covered in chemical burns, and even had BB gun bullets stuck in her spine. The vets scrambled to keep her alive. Sadly, despite their efforts, Pumpkin’s puppy passed away.


Pumpkin did well though. She was fostered by a kind lady. She also made friends with other dogs, each of whom had a turbulent past. They bonded quickly, and their company certainly lifted Pumpkin’s spirit. Within only six weeks, Pumpkin looked like a totally new dog!


Her foster mom was so in love with her that she ended up adopting her. She now has a forever home and an owner that cherishes her. It’s all smooth sailing for Pumpkin now!

Check out her amazing rescue below:

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