Animal abuse can happen in all forms. 37-year-old Sara Loche was charged with animal neglect. Her dog had rapidly lost weight, but she made no effort to find out why that happened.

Loche was absent during the hearing, but she was still convicted at the Grimsby Magistrates’ Court. Loche will be banned from keeping any pets in the future, and a warrant was also made for her arrest.


You will understand why restricting this woman from keeping a pet ever again is the right decision if you take one look at her poor dog. Queenie, the German Shepherd, weighed barely 16.5 pounds when she was found. That is less than half of what a healthy German Shepherd should weight.

Queenie had been living with Sara and Richard Loche. 46-year-old Richard also had a bad record of animal neglect. He is serving a ten-year ban on keeping any pets, and is also performing a year of community service.


RSPCA inspector Stuart Wainright summed up the extreme neglect Queenie faced by saying he had seen deceased dog in better conditions than her. She was rushed to the vet, but it was decided to put her to sleep to end her suffering. At her hearing, Loche shocked everyone by saying she hadn’t noticed the dog was starving to death.

Loche claimed that she fed the dog several meals a day, but Queenie’s weight always fluctuated.


Wainwright asserted that he hadn’t ever seen a dog in such a bad condition as Queenie. Further investigation on Queenie’s body revealed that she had no other reason for being so emaciated except that she had been intentionally starved.


Let’s hope he is really doing well and isn’t neglected like Queenie, and let’s pray Queenie is finally in a happy place now.

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