Dogs are man’s best friends, but horses aren’t far behind. They are social, and can form very strong bonds with humans. Some of them might be really goofy, while others can be very sensitive and touching. The horse in this video has to fall under the latter category.

A baby was placed in front of the horse. The baby was in a little basket, and was looking intently at the big horse. Without a second thought, the horse knew just what to do. He began rocking the baby using his mouth!


He was really gentle with the little one. He nudged the basket to move it a little, then watched it swing back and forth. He does this a few more times, and surprisingly, the baby seems to really enjoy it. Perhaps the most intriguing bit is how the horse knew how to rock him gently, and knew the exact amount of force needed to rock him!

Check out this amazing moment below:

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