It’s heartbreaking to see how many cruel practices are still carried on animals. Just because they cannot speak doesn’t mean that they do not feel pain. They can be just as sensitive as humans can. They must also be treated with dignity and respect. Sadly, many countries and cultures still treat them inhumanely. For instance, some parts in Asia raise dogs in less than ideal conditions and torture them before killing them for meat.

IN many parts of Romania, it is common practice to tie horses to prevent them from running away. They are not tethered in a painless way—both their front and back legs are bound by chains. This severely restricts the horse’s movement, and in some cases, cute into their flesh and causes deep wounds. The horse in this story was found in a similar condition.


Thankfully, Four Paws International came to know of his case. One of their vets quickly went to the scene to rescue the poor guy. When he took a closer look, he noticed that the chains had dug deep into the horse’s flesh and had caused some wounds.


The chains were quickly cut. It was incredible how the horse remained calm and collected throughout the whole ordeal. It was almost as though he knew he was being helped. Once he was released, the horse seemed to be in disbelief that he was finally freed! Seeing such reactions from animals is absolutely heartwarming!

Check out the amazing rescue in the video below:

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