Animals have feelings too. They crave companionship just like we do. Being lonely is not a good feeling at all. A 13-year-old black and white cat at a shelter named Tabby’s Place has been feeling lonely. Sienna the cat always greets and dances for any visitor who passes by.

The cat asks for attention from everyone who passes her way. This feline will always run up to the glass and try to paw at the window to get the person’s attention.

Sienna was taken to the shelter after her owners passed away.

“The staff and volunteers are gaga for her because she always runs to the window when she hears someone go by. She’s missing her human very much… she has a lot yet to offer, too,” a volunteer of the Tabby’s Place said.

Sienna lives in a “suite” with other cats. They also have a walkway to a tube that goes over a hallway. This way, they can go out to a solarium. The shelter has 4 suites, and other smaller rooms as well. No cat has to live alone, unless it is a medical requirement.

“Could you take me home please?”

Isn’t she adorable?

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