Pet stores often get the animals they sell from breeders who treat their animals horribly. Known as “puppy mills,” breeders keep female dogs in terrible conditions, forcing them to have litter after litter so the puppies can be sold for large profits. These puppies are often in poor health or have birth defects and deformities.

Not only this, but the bloodlines of amazing breeds of dogs become weaker as illnesses and deformities get bred into these cats and dogs. This is terrible! These mills and backyard breeders don’t care about the quality or health of the puppies or kittens.

This awful practice of selling animals bred from puppy mills is not only falling out of favor, but is now illegal in many cities. Sacramento is now the latest city to ban selling dogs and cats from breeders. Instead, they, like many cities across the country have cats and dogs from rescues and shelters. This does so much to put a stop to cruel and inhumane breeding practices!

Not only are cities stopping pet stores from enabling these practices of selling cats and dogs from breeders, but the state of California is considering passing a law making it state-wide for pet stores to only have animals from shelters.

I hope it passes, wouldn’t that be great? The trend for cities to ban selling animals from private breeders is most common in Florida, California, and New Jersey. However, we hope that the more cities and states that pass laws banning these practices, the more cities and states will follow the trends.

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