Shirley and Jenny used to be circus elephants. When they first met, Jenny was just a calf and Shirley was in her 20s. Both of the gentle giants have ended up becoming crippled because of some horrible abuse in their life. Back in 2000, almost 17 years ago, PBS aired a documentary about them and caught their heart-touching reunion on camera.

You are going to be in tears when you see what happens when these old friends reunite after a 22 year long separation. As soon as they met at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, they just continued where they left. They are like family and their bond remained strong and intact even when they hadn’t seen each other for so long.

Sadly, Jenny passed away in 2006 from an illness. And as you can tell, Shirley took it very hard. According to the sanctuary director, Carol Buckley, she refused to eat for two days following her best friend’s death.

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