Cats are wonderful companions. They can get very attached to their owners, though they might not show it as much as dogs. But they do show their affection in their own way. For instance, rubbing their face against their owners is a sign of affection. So is bringing home dead mice—apparently, they think you cannot hunt for yourself, so they bring the hunt to you!

As with any pet, they are also prone to separation anxiety. They can get anxious is they are away from their owners for too long. The two Siamese cats in the following video are the perfect example. They hate to be away from their mom for even a moment! It is so intense that they get upset even when she’s in the shower!



These cats knew mom was in the shower, and they were not happy about it. Most cats hate water, so they must have thought she wasn’t enjoying it either. They also didn’t like being kept away from her. They keep meowing at the shower stall, making sure she heard how upset they were!

Check these kitties out below:

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