Horses are some of the most incredible creatures in the world, and it is a treat to be around them. Liz Mitten Ryan thought of a great way to care for these wonderful creatures. She set up a special horse retreat called Equinistry Retreats. The people who visit are allowed to experience nature at its finest. They are encouraged to live in nature and find peace among these horses.

While horses can be incredibly majestic and graceful, sometimes they can be hilariously goofy as well. Liz was walking a walk around a 320-acre property, when she heard some strange noises coming from the horse stables. She decided to film what she found inside, and it’s hilarious!


It was resting time for the horses. They were all lazing around in their barn. They were so happy and relaxed in that state. Some of them were so relaxed that they didn’t hesitate to fart! The horses were all rolling around on the floor and farting contently. This goes to show just how at ease and happy they are in their surroundings.

While it does sound funny, you can imagine the assault it must have had on Liz’s nose!

Check out this hilarious clip below:

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