Dogs can be trained to do all sorts of stuff. They have been trained by the military for ages to help with sniffing out dangers in the field. Due to their social nature, people have begun to train them to be therapy dogs as well. Their company can go a long way into making a patient feel better during depressing times.

The dog in this video is also training to be a therapy dog. Misa Minnie was just 31 weeks old when this video was shot. This tiny Yorkshire Terrier isn’t all looks though—she is really smart as well. She has learned to do a ton of tricks, and they are all impressive.

She has mastered rolling over, playing dead and walking through tunnels. She has even learned how to knock down mounds of cups with the help of a ball! While this may look simple, training a dog to do this is quite tough. The fact that Misa makes it look so easy is amazing!


Her trainer is a firm believer in positive reinforcement and training dogs with lots of love and treats. And her method seems to be really effective as well. Misa shows a deep understanding of a long list of words. Her vocabulary is quite intensive for a 31 week old dog, but that’s what you get for training with positivity and a lot of love!


Misa will surely be a wonderful therapy dog. She is really sweet and gentle, and her cute looks will surely lighten up anybody’s day!

Check out this adorable pooch in action:

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