Meet Pipsqueak. This tiny baby goat is one of the most adorable things you are ever going to see in your life. The little pygmy goat is very social and she wants to be friends with everyone she comes across. But the puppies in her farm don’t really think like her. However, their negative attitude doesn’t discourage the little girl. The determined goat approached one of them and even managed to form the strongest bond with him!

Pipsqueak the goat and Snowflake the puppy have a lot of differences. But they soon realized that they are alike in many ways too. When they are together, they always have the best of time. Their exciting playtime attracted the other puppies as well. Now Pipsqueak is an integral part of the puppy gang. She got accepted and she couldn’t be happier!

Baby goats and tiny puppies are adorable in themselves, but when they come together, its cuteness overload. Prepare yourself for this, because your heart just might not be able to handle all the charm!

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