You may want to grab the tissues for this story. Since 2006, Bodza, a gorgeous German Shepherd, worked as an explosive detection dog for the U.S. Air Force. This brave dog saved countless lives sniffing out bombs in Iraq, Kuwait, and other places.

In 2012, Bodza was paired with Kyle Smith, and the two developed a bond almost immediately. The loved working together and faced a lot of challenges together. For 189 days, the two battled bitter cold and terrible conditions while on a mission in Kyrgyzstan.

Not only did the two work together, but they were buddies in their off time, too! Smith would make shadow puppets for Bodza to bark at and chase, which was fun for both of them, and sometimes they’d just get to run together.

But, no matter what, they were virtually inseparable. So, when it came time for Bodza to retire, Smith adopted him without thinking twice. Bodza went home with him, and the bond grew as Bodza went everywhere Smith would go.

In 2016, Bodza was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal cord condition, and his health deteriorated rapidly. Bodza was suffering, and Smith had to make the hard decision to have him put to sleep.

Nine of Smith’s fellow soldiers went with him to the veterinary clinic, where they surrounded Bodza and Smith with love and support. As Bodza passed, one of the soldiers had an American flag to cover this brave service dog with.

Smith had Bodza cremated, and he keeps his ashes and pictures as a reminder of his brave and loyal friend.

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