Baby deer are some of the cutest woodland critter. Who can forget the wide-eyed Bambi? Little fawns are just as adorable as Bambi, if not more. They can be really shy, but once they get friendly with you, they will really stick around you. They will seriously bond with you and refuse to go their way! The workers in this video learned this first-hand!

They were clearing some trees in a forest, and one of them had picked up the fawn to put it in a place where the falling trees wouldn’t hurt him. The fawn was quite happy to be in the man’s arms.


But after he got a few belly rubs from the man, the fawn got instantly attached! It got to the point where the fawn refused to leave the man’s arms! Every time he tried to let it go, the fawn threw a tantrum and screamed. He refused to be put down, and the workers were really surprised by this behavior. Wouldn’t you be if a wild fawn did the same with you?

Check out this incredible footage below:

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