For dogs, their owners are the most important things in the world. They love them unconditionally, and are always loyal to them. Even if they haven’t met their owners in years, a dog will never forget them. They do get a little distressed when they have to spend time away from their owners. You might have seen dogs get really excited to video call their loved ones. This is true even for voice calls—they just love hearing their owner’s voices so bad!

Stanley the Airedale terrier knows all about this. When dad put mom on speaker phone, the pooch was really interested. He knew it was mom talking on the other end, and he wanted to speak with her in his own way.


Every time she says “I love you”, he replies in the sweetest manner. The two even had a little conversation about whether he was being a good boy and keeping clean. It’s adorable to watch these two! Even though Stanley isn’t speaking any words, the woman understands it all. This shows the strength of their relationship, and it’s beautiful!

Check out their adorable conversation below:

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