Tuffy is a six-week-old terrier puppy who had to suffer greatly at the hands of his cruel owner. When the man saw the little pooch chew on his cell phone back in 2015, he tortured the puppy in the most horrible way.

Warning: graphic images.

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According to Animals Asia, he poured boiling water all over Tuffy’s body. And if that wasn’t enough, he threw the puppy from his fourth-floor apartment in Chengdu, China.

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How Tuffy survived is still a miracle. A few moments after he hit the pavement, a kind woman came across his body.

30-year-old Yan Yingying found the pup on the brink of death and knew she had to do something quickly. She took him to the closest clinic.

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Emily Drayton, a veterinarian at Animal Asia, remembers how she felt when she first saw Tuffy.

“I was shocked and sickened to my core. I could not stop the tears from rising, there was no point. Never had I seen an animal in so much pain,” she says.

Animals aren’t expected to survive when burns cover 50% of their body. But Tuffy’s burns covered 60% of his body. He needed 24/7 care and couldn’t even close his eyes while he slept initially.

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We can only imagine how much he was hurting. But because of the incredible team that had taken him under their care, he slowly started recovering.

Yan, the woman who saved him, stayed by his side and ended up adopting him.

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Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia, says Tuffy’s recovery is a miracle.

“I’ve read that people who jump out higher than the third floor of a burning building are unlikely to survive. It was a miracle that Tuffy did. The second miracle was the extent of his burns. When they cover over 50 per cent of the body, animals are not expected to survive. Tuffy survived with over 60 per cent of his body burned. How his life started was horrific,” Robinson said.

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No one knows what happened to Tuffy’s original owner, but let’s hope justice was served.

Tuffy lives with Yan now and is a very happy pooch.

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