Birth is one of the most miraculous aspects of life. No matter what species it is in, the birth of a new life is something incredible to witness. Especially when it comes to rare animals like big cat—it’s something extraordinary to witness. Big cat expert Giles Clark was right beside Caitlyn the Bengal tiger while she went into labor.

Caitlyn had started feeling stronger and stronger contractions. She was approaching delivery, and all the keepers were at the edges of their seats. Finally, the amniotic sac popped out. That is when everyone knew the cub was on its way.


The tiger must have been in pain, but she didn’t show too much discomfort. She finally let out one cub. He was a little inactive and unresponsive, but after a bit of licking from mom, he finally started kicking about.


Caitlyn then got ready to deliver her second cub. Tigers usually have two to three cubs in each litter. There is always one cub who is dominant and stronger than the others. In Caitlyn’s case, the second one was stronger, as he came out kicking and writhing.

Everyone was delighted, as Caitlyn was able to deliver two healthy cubs without any complications. They will be well looked after by her as well as all the keepers.


These cubs are totally blind at first. They will completely depend on their mother for care until they have more control over their sight and sense. As these cubs grow up, they will be playful and carefree at first. But with time, they will be taught how to hunt and behave more like tiger.

Check out this amazing birth below:

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