Hope for Paws is one of the most prominent rescue organizations in the USA. This incredible not for profit establishment has saved a lot of helpless animals from devastating conditions. They work hard daily for the welfare of those suffering on the streets and even in the shelters. We can never thank them enough for all they do. The video below features them rescuing a stray pit bull.

This poor pooch was living alone near some brush located dangerously close to a busy freeway. The scared dog ran away many times when the rescuers tried to capture him. But after many failed tries, they were finally able to corner him. He seemed terrified of the humans and it is really heartbreaking to see his reaction.


It turns out that he had spent many months on his own and was probably abused during that time. Pit bulls are often stereotyped to be really violent creatures, but this little boy proves how wrong we are to assume something like that. He is one of the sweetest things you will ever come across!

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