If you have a pet, you might have noticed that sometimes they tend to press their head against the wall in guilt or something. However, if this action is very common in your pet, you immediately need to get them some medical attention.

Many times we see our pets pressing their heads against surfaces – for no reason at all sometimes! If this is a frequent habit, take them to the vet because this is a health condition that indicates that there’s damage in their nervous system.

The nervous system of a pet can get damaged due to prosencephalon disease, chemical exposure, tumors, infections, or other health conditions.

Some of us have ignored this action, some of us even think it’s cute. But you need to remember that you pet cannot really speak and the only way they can convey their troubles is by action. So you need to take that responsibility as a pet owner. Always pay attention because it could be the start of a serious issue.

According to the frequency of the head pressing, treatment is going to vary. It is suggested that you give them medical attention at the earliest sign. You will be surprised to know that sometimes they may even require hospitalization!

When you adopt a pet into your family, they become a part of it. So it is up to you to figure out what is troubling them. Be aware of their weird behaviors and seek out help if you don’t know what to do.

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