There are lots of dog breeds in the world. All of them are amazing in their own rights. The video below features one of the most stunning breeds mankind has ever seen, Neapolitan Mastiffs. Meet Willow. This little pooch was born a bit different than her siblings. At birth, Willow suffered from a condition called the Swimmer’s Syndrome.

Her chest was flat and her limbs didn’t move. Her breeder thought she was nothing but a burden. So the cruel man posted on social media that he wanted to throw her out. Thankfully, his message spread like wildfire. It was repeatedly shared and that’s how the 2nd Chances Rescue in California heard about it. They decided to do something about it.

The rescue organization took Willow in. They bound her chest in order to stop it from getting flatter. They also managed to heal Willow’s spine with a lot of patience. In time, tiny pooch started walking and swimming like a normal dog would! She was around 8 months old in this video. Wait till you see her!

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