It’s no secret that dogs are really social creatures. They love being around people, and in that process, they’ve learned how to communicate with their owners. Dogs and their owners have a very special bond together. They can understand each other even with only their expressions. Sometimes, they body language also helps.

The pooch in this video, Caesar, or CZR, is an expert when it comes to communicating through body language. He has been trained to respond by moving his head, and it’s pretty impressive! When mom asks him if he wants to go outside, he shakes his head to indicate “No!”


But when she asks if he wants a cookie, he jumps and nods his head to say “Yes”! He nods again when she asks for confirmation. What a sweet dog! Caesar even assures his mom that he wouldn’t let the cookie spoil his dinner and that he’d eat it all. Who could resist this?

Check out their adorable interaction below:

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