Little kids are often abandoned by their parents at birth. There are many cases like this all around the world. And as you might know, this is true for not only for humans, but for those in the animal kingdom as well. The video below features one of these abandoned babies. Meet Benjamin. This tiny lovebird had to go through a lot since he was born, but he has managed get stronger over time.

Benjamin was abandoned by his parents and he had a really rough start at life. He was born with splayed legs, a condition that left him disabled and hapless. His parents ignored him, but thankfully, his siblings were always there to help him out. He managed to get by mainly because of them.

His owners also played a big role in raising him up. They splinted his fragile legs, while his siblings fed him. It might seem like a small thing, but it helped him recover to a great degree. Little Benjamin can now not only walk, but he can also fly and sing. Wait till you see his incredible journey!

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