Some days can be more grueling than normal. You can feel quite low and tired at the end of such days. All you want to do is chill and unwind with your loved ones. The lady in the following video also had a long day. Thankfully, her dog knew just what to do to cheer her up. As soon as Baron the German Shepherd heard his mom say she had a long day, he sprang into action.

Within a few moments, he went into the house and came back holding a bottle of cold beer in his mouth! He handed it to his tired owner, who was very thankful for his help. Who wouldn’t appreciate having a cold one delivered right to you after the end of a long day? But this clever pooch wasn’t done right way.

After giving her the bottle, he went to fetch his water bowl and gave it to her! While it’s not healthy for dogs to consume, this pooch seemed to want to give his owner company while she drank. Not only does he know what his owner drinks, but he also seems to know that drinking requires some sort of company too!


This is the best friend anyone could ever have. The love and company of a dog can’t be compared to anything else, and this pooch certainly proves it!

Check him out in the video below:

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