Dogs are often called man’s best friend. They are very adorable and are also known as some of the most loyal creatures on the entire planet. They always love pleasing their friends and they are some of the best company around. However, not even these cuties are accepting of everything. They tend to hate some things like we do!

But when dogs hate something, they make sure that you know about it. And that is exactly what this adorable pooch did! This precious dog is called Blaze and he is 11 months old. He lives with his dad in New Hampshire and he absolutely hates kennels. You are going to be in stitches when you see how the husky reacts when his owner tells him to go inside his kennel!

Blaze’s response is just hilarious. If he doesn’t want to go into his kennel, he doesn’t hesitate to say “no”. He loves his freedom very much. According to his owner, he didn’t actually need to go in the kennel; he was just teasing Blaze.

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