Parrots are one of the most popular pets on the planet. They are much easier to maintain than dogs or cats, and also have a really long life. They have amused humans for centuries with their ability to mimic speech and sound. If you have a parrot in the house, it must be really lively and fun!

Like any other pet, parrots can also get a little naughty sometimes. They are social creatures, and need a lot of interaction to stay happy. If they don’t get enough exercise or interaction, they can channel that in mischievous outbursts. The parrot in this video, Bowie, was also caught doing something naughty.

Bowie was in the bathroom, messing around with mom’s makeup. She caught him right at the scene of the crime, and asked if he’d been a bad boy. But his response was very simple and sweet.


Bowie may have been a little guilty, but he told his mom to smile! He kept saying “Smile”, and when said in such a sweet voice like that, no wonder his mom lightened up in a bit. Anybody would melt if a cute birdie like Bowie said that in such a cute voice!

Check out his adorable antics below:

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