Parrots are really social creatures. They love company, and can actually get bored without enough interaction. It’s not a bad idea to raise two parrots together at the same time. They can keep each other company, and the house will be twice the livelier. The parrots in the following video are a perfect example.

Meet Fabio and Gabriel. These Indian Ringneck parakeets are brothers. Just like other siblings, they have a wonderful bond together. They keep talking together, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll hear!


Mom caught them hanging out together and blowing each other kisses! They ask each other “What are you doing?” They also lean into each other and shower each other with the biggest kisses!


Aren’t they sweet? They look so perfect together with their colorful plumage as well. Siblings tend to have some disputes between them from time to time, but not these two!

Check out their adorable interaction below:

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