Wallace and Ann Collito spotted a tiny kitten in their yard in 1999. The feline was so small that they thought she was actually a rat. The elderly couple believed that someone had thrown the poor kitty over the fence and into their mobile home park. They were really concerned about her well-being. But as it turns out, they didn’t have to be so anxious! The cat had someone looking out for her!

The Collitos were shocked when they saw a crow, who they named Moses, take the kitten under their wing. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The crow was feeding Cassie and he was protecting her from other animals as well. They captured some amazing footage and were eventually able to bring the cat indoors. Cassie spent her evenings with the Collitos, but at 6 am every morning, she would go out to play with Moses.

The unlikely pair spent hours together. They were the best of friends. The Collitos filmed their bond for five years, until Moses stopped showing up. American crows live only seven to eight years in the wild, so its assumed that Moses passed away. Ann died in 2006, and Cassie, now 12 years old, lives with Wallace in their Massachusetts home.

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