Cockatoos are one of the most popular choices as pets for bird lovers. They are really beautiful to look at, and also have personalities that are as vibrant as their plumage. Cockatoos are incredibly intelligent creatures and are known to mimic speech and sounds they hear around them. Thanks to the internet and social media, cockatoo owners from all around the world have been able to connect and share their cockatoos’ antics, and some of them are quite hilarious!

Shown below is a compilation of some really funny cockatoos doing some really interesting things! Cockatoos are known to have a sense of rhythm, and a few of the birds in the video are showing off this ability quite well.


They are very affectionate birds, and help out anyone they love. For instance, look at how one of them is supplying the house dogs with some yummy treats! Another one helps hold the rope for when his small human wanted to play some skip rope.

While they can be really loving, they have a mischievous side as well! This one has learned how to mimic dogs barking, and is now using his “barking” skills to terrorize the tiny Chihuahua!


Depite their little mischiefs, they do make wonderful pets. Cockatoos are known for their long lives as well, so you can bet on being loved and entertained for decades when you get one!

Check out this hilarious compilation below:

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