LATEST UPDATE: Terrence has been released from a Baltimore jail 3 months early.

Terrence Cody, who last played for the Baltimore Ravens, was sentenced to nine months behind bars after pleading guilty to multiple animal cruelty charges back in March. According to the prosecutors, the 28-year-old didn’t feed his Canary mastiff, Taz, for nearly ten weeks. They also mentioned that the pooch was locked in a crate that was never cleaned. He never bothered checking the dog’s condition. When he finally did, the pooch was in the brink of death. Cody took him to the hospital, but it was too late. Vets advised him to put the canine down.

Witnesses for prosecution include, among others, Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, a forensic veterinarian, who stated that the dog passed away after being starved for roughly four weeks. She says Taz should have weighed between 99 and 141 pounds, but he weighed only 50 pounds instead.

Cody’s girlfriend, Kourtney Kelley, 28, was also indicted in this case. However, her lawyer placed the blame on Terence Cody, claiming he was the only one responsible for the dog’s well-being.

The jail representative says that Cody was released on September 21st. He was given 88 days credit for working and good behavior. The judge also gave him 18 months’ probation. He is not allowed to own any animals during that time.

Given the nature of his actions, Terrence Cody needs to be banned from the NFL.

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