Dogs are really attuned to human emotions. They are the only species apart from humans themselves that can judge a person’s mood and expressions by looking into people’s eyes. Scientists have been baffled by how dogs do it, but dog lovers never needed science to prove that their dogs understand their emotions very well.

They seem to know when you’re feeling happy or sad, lonely or low. Dogs tend to react based on your mood, and it’s incredible. They know just what to do to cheer you up! The following video proves this beautifully. A little boy with Down’s Syndrome was sitting in a corner. Having a condition like that can sometimes make you feel isolated from the world. But his faithful dog sensed it and never left his side.

The dog sat down next to the boy and kept looking into his eyes. After a while, he crept closer to comfort the child. The dog wanted to make sure he knew he was there for him. After a while, he even placed his paw on the boy’s shoulder!


This simple but meaningful gesture must have made the boy feel better. This is one more thing to love about dogs—they do not judge at all, and they comfort anybody who is in need.

Check out this amazing moment below:


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