Dogs are probably one of the easiest animals to train. They are naturally very smart, so it doesn’t take too much time for them to pick up certain things. All they need is consistent training and some positive reinforcement. For instance, dogs have been trained to do incredible things like sniff out bombs and explosives and even nab bad guys.

Domestic dogs don’t have to go out and catch criminals, but their owners do train them to do other things. From shaking paws, playing dead and responding to certain questions, domestic dogs are taught some pretty cool tricks as well. The ones in the following video, for instance, were taught to pray before eating their meals!

After their bowls were put in front of them, these dogs get up on their hind legs to say grace before dinner. They are so patient as well—they perfectly maintain their balance while praying.

Now this is quite an incredible thing to teach your dog! This level of discipline is quite amazing to see, isn’t it?

Check their amazing act below:

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