If you have a dog, you know how crazy they can get when it comes to playtime. They go totally over the moon when they get a new toy. Videos of dogs playing gleefully can be found all over the internet. But have you seen a horse have the same reaction?

When you think of horses, you picture them as elegant and composed. They are the epitome of grace. You don’t see them being goofy and funny all the time. The horse in the following video, Buster, stands out from his peers because of his. He is quite jolly, and isn’t afraid of showing off his goofy side!


Buster was given a huge ball to play with. As soon as he got it, his joy knew no bounds. He was totally over the moon, and kept running and playing non-stop with it. His happiness with something so simple is certainly contagious!


His winning personality and playful nature has earned him millions on views on YouTube alone. Sadly, his ball pops in the end, but that doesn’t deflate his mood!

Check out this spirited horse below:

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