Birthdays are always special. It is a time to celebrate somebody, and a day to reflect on how far you’ve come and how far you’re yet to go. These days, it’s not just people who get surprise birthday parties. Pet owners have started celebrating their pets’ birthdays as well. The little bird in the following video was given his very own party, and he was so happy!

Marnie is the Blue Indian Ringneck was celebrating his fifth birthday, and his owners wanted to throw him a little bash with the other pets in the house. Marnie was given a small waffle cake to cute, and he shared with his other buddies, including cockatoos, a macaw and even two dogs. His owners then gave him a stuffed bunny, which he was more than happy to play with.


According to the owners, bunnies are Marnie’s favorite. He was really happy with his new gift, as well as the whole bash. What a wonderful thing for his owners to do!

Check out the amazing party below:

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