Finding someone you love is one of the greatest moments in life. Everybody needs somebody to love. This isn’t limited to only humans. There are many species in the wild that find a partner for life, and it’s just adorable to watch. For instance, penguins and foxes mate for life. They remain with the same partner until one of them dies, and it’s beautiful.

The pooch in this video also wanted to find love. Harvey went to a speed dating event for dogs. After rejecting many, he finally found the one—a poodle named Harmony. That is when their love story began. From going to picnics to stealing bones from the museum together, these two really did it all. But Harvey hadn’t broken the news to his best friend!

When Harmony came to Harvey’s doorstep, that’s when he told the story to his owner. He replayed all the great memories with Harmony, and his owner was more than surprised! It’s always an overwhelming moment when your best friend decides to settle down, and this man was certainly overwhelmed.


Just when you think things couldn’t get any sweeter, a ton of puppies make their way into the home as well!

Check out the wonderful clip below:

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