A mother’s love knows no bounds. This is true for all mothers, no matter what species they are from. If their children are in danger, they will put their lives on the line to protect them. Mothers are said to feel a huge surge of adrenaline if they see their child in danger, and some have even been reported to show superhuman strength to rescue their child.

The brave mama cat in this story further proves a mother’s unconditional love. The house she was in was slowly being engulfed by fire. But she didn’t wait for anyone to rescue her—she took matters into her own hands. She transported her kitten, one by one, out of the house and into safety. She had to do it a total of five times. It left her badly singed and her fur was all burnt off, but she was happy because her babies were safe.

Just look at this brave mama!


Even her eyes were shut because of all the blisters that had formed around that area. While it might have been painful, she was just happy to be with her babies. Mothers really are the real superheroes, aren’t they?

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