Little kids are bundle of joy – not only to their parents, but also to everyone around them. They bring happiness wherever they go and their silly antics can light up a room in an instant. The same can be said about dogs as well. Man’s best friends have a way of melting your heart like no other. Dogs are immensely adorable and are just a blast to be around.

Kids and dogs can entertain us on their own, but when these two get together, it’s magic. The combination causes cuteness overload and can be quite “lethal” to your heart. Little children and dogs together is just the thing you need when you are going through a bad day. The video below features a little boy having fun with his three boxers.

This little guy is called Jax and he is just a tiny toddler. But he has already figured out how to amuse his dogs. All he needs is a laser pointer! The laser confuses the dogs, while Jax can’t help but laugh contiguously at their puzzled expressions. Their reactions are pure gold!

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