Meet Lil’ Drac. This adorable tiny bat is going to steal your heart in a couple of seconds without a doubt. This little baby is an orphan short tailed bat. His mother abandoned him when she got stressed after a sudden shut down of the zoo they were living in. According to experts, mothers in the wild do this when they are insecure of their own safety. It is quite normal.

Thankfully for Lil’ Drac, he was rescued just after a short time of desertion. Then he was hand-raised by the volunteers of Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated towards the preservation of bats. They have given him all the love and care he deserves, and because of this, Lil’ Drac is slowly recovering. The little guy is growing stronger day by day.

Statistics have showed a decrease in the population of bats recently. More than half of the native bats’ population in the USA have has been reported to be in danger of extinction. Let’s hope we can save these beautiful creatures before it’s too late.

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