When you think of lions, the very first thing you think about them is how scary and dangerous they can be. They are apex predators, and they are efficient hunters as well. But one must also remember that they are social, and live large groups. Once they accept you as part of their team, they will treat you in a very special manner.

The lioness in the following video perfectly shows this. She has total faith in one of her handlers. Their level of trust is so high that she even cuddles with him with no hesitation! A stranger couldn’t imagine doing this with the lioness. The man must have known her for a really long time for her to behave like this. It is truly an incredible sight.


She has so much trust in the man that he lets her handle her cubs without a second thought. The tiny two-week old cubs hadn’t met their dad yet, as male lions are known to be a little tough towards tiny cubs. As for now, these cubs will have to be happy interacting with this man!

Check them out below:

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