Having a pet in the house instantly lightens things up. They are so lovable and affectionate towards their owners. After a long day at work, there is nothing more enjoyable than unwinding with your beloved pet. While cats and dogs make the cuddliest pets, parrots and other birds can be the most entertaining.

Parrots, cockatoos and other similar birds have the ability to mimic speech and sounds they hear around them. Apart from that, they also seem to have a sense of rhythm. For instance, you might have seen many videos on the internet of such birds “dancing” to a song. They seem to understand rhythm and tempo, which perhaps makes them more musically gifted than other pets.

This particular guy is great at singing along to different songs. When Nelly’s “Dilemma” came on, this bird tried to “sing” along! If you watch his beak carefully, you can see that he’s lip-syncing quite perfectly to the song!


You might have seen all sorts of birds doing all sorts of things on the internet, but I’m sure this kind of lip-syncing bird has got to be the first!

Check this little star out below:

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