Dogs are amazing creatures. Not only are they adorable to look at, but they are also some of the most intelligent and caring animals around. They are affectionate and loyal, they can be easily trained, and they are very social too. Often known as man’s best friend, these precious four-legged canines are very entertaining as well. The list of their merits is long and it goes on and on.

The video below features an adorable dog hanging out with his human friend on the couch. The two are very close to one another. The dog loves his owner very much and he tries to join in on whatever he does. And that is exactly what he did in this video too! Wait till you see how cute this is!

Dad was relaxing on the sofa after a long day. His tiny pup came and sat beside him. Then the man started playing a song and dancing to it. When the dog sees this, he starts doing the same thing too! You are going to be in stitches when you see him copy his owner’s move! The duo had no idea they were being secretly filmed, so the reaction at the end is simply hilarious!

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