Those who adopt a pet into their home often treat them as a part of their family. But there are those that are very cruel to them too. Some people are very abusive to our animal friends. They not only inflict harm on them for their own pleasure, but they also abandon them when they need them the most. Some heartless monsters don’t even stop their vehicle despite hitting an animal on the road. Just take for example, this heartrending story.

David Loop was driving around a neighborhood when he noticed a dog in the middle of the road. The poor thing wasn’t moving at all. When he first spotted her, he seriously thought she was dead. It was obvious that she had been run over by a vehicle. She was lying so still. He says he said a silent prayer for her, and then he tried to move the body.

But to David’s surprise, the “dead” dog blinked. She was on the verge of death, but with a little help from her kind rescuer, she managed to pull through. You are going to be speechless when you see what happens next!

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