Dogs are incredible animals. I don’t know what humans did to deserve them, but we are pretty lucky to be granted their company. There are lots of incredible videos on the internet featuring dogs. Some of them are hilarious, while some of them are truly tear-jerking. The video below is one of these dog videos that is going to bring the biggest smile on your face.

If you have been on the internet long enough, you have probably come across a pooch called Mishka. This adorable husky took the internet by storm with a very precious video that showed her saying “I love you” to her owners. This video is very similar as well.

In this clip, her owner says “I love you” to which Mishka cheerfully replies “I love you too”. Then mom goes on to ask her a series of other questions as well. She asks her if she is a brave girl, is she a pretty girl, et cetera. The talking husky perfectly replies to all these questions. But when mom asks her if she is stupid, the talking husky leaves everyone floored with her hilarious reply.

Check out her answer below!

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