Performance art can take all sorts of forms. From dancing, music and drama to even using puppets—there is really no end to it! Puppets have been used for centuries as a means of entertainment, and it is still used today. It might not be as big as other forms, but passionate individuals are still keeping the art alive. The man in the following video is one of them.

Watching a marionette moving is really mesmerizing. It doesn’t look hard, but hours of practice go behind every performance. You might have seen them at work, but the one in the video below will blow still blow you away. This man takes an ordinary puppet and breathes life into it with his stunning skills!

The marionette in resembles a dog. Hugo Daniel Lobo, the puppeteer, is from Tucuman, a province in Argentina. This particular performance took place in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. Hugo’s attention to detail is stunning. The way the puppet interacts with the baby might actually trick people into thinking it was a real dog in action!


He makes the whole routine look so effortless! The little child was totally amused by it, and you can sense the look of fascination in her eyes!

Check out the incredible clip below:

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