Dogs are the most loyal friends you can find. Once they give you their heart, they are dedicated to you. They will never leave your side and won’t judge your beliefs, appearance or anything else. Sadly, we are not as loyal to them as they are to us. Pet owners are known to abandon their dogs over the smallest things.

When dogs are born with some physical ailments or congenital deformities, they are euthanized. They are thought to have lower chances of being adopted, and are thought to be better off being put down. Even the ones that are allowed to live have to wait for years to get adopted. They rarely find forever homes, and are abandoned after the owners get tired of them.

Petey was one of those pooches. He was born with a brain disorder—part of his brain hadn’t fully developed. That meant that he had a hard time doing basic things like walking and eating. But thanks to his rescuers, with a lot of care and attention, he improved drastically.


He can now eat by himself, and has also found a family. This shows that even such dogs can surprise you if you just give them a chance.

Check out his journey below:

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