Dogs are wonderfully social creatures, and they are always so good at making friends with everyone they meet. Being aloof is just not their style. They can befriend any other dog or human that are friendly towards them. That being said, they can also get along with other species as well.

Interspecies friendship is always wonderful, and Ingo the dog and Poldi the owl. The Belgian Shepherd and owlet are best friends, and they are inseparable.


Ingo comes from a long line of police dogs in Germany. He lives with his owner, photographer Tanja Brandt.

After taking a photography workshop some years back, she combined it with her love for animals and birds.
After some time, she began creating stunning pictures of her dogs and birds in action.


Apart from Ingo, Brandt also has many other Spehherd dogs.

She has opened her doors to rehabilitated raptors, including falcon, hawks and many other owls.

Perhaps her most photogenic and famous owl is Napoleon, or “Poldi” for short.


Poldi was the “runt of the litter”. He hatched much later than her siblings, and needed more care as he was smaller.

He turned out to be unsuitable for living outdoors in the wild, and was more suited for a captive environment.


Ingo sort of knew that Poldi was weak, and decided to become his best friend and protector.

Other dogs might have thought Poldi to be snack, but Ingo immediately took him under his wing.

They turned out to be best friends as time passed.


Now, Poldi has grown up well, and even has owlets of his own.

He is not as weak as he used to be, and now he just hangs out with Ingo. They spend as much time together as possible.


Occasionally, Ingo will give Poldi a ride on his back. Other times, the pair just relax together. It is safe to say they might be the sweetest friends on the internet.


Poldi has a family now, and Ingo stays busy with his other friends, but they always make it a point to catch up with each other.

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