Everyone loves playing in the snow. Yeah sure, there are exceptions as well. Some people prefer cuddling up in cozy blankets rather than running around in the cold, however, majority of us just can’t help ourselves when we see the white fluff falling from the sky. It is safe to say that snow turns almost all of us into kids!

And as it turns out, this is true for animals as well. Dogs are exuberant creatures. When it comes to having fun, they just don’t hold back. Just take a look at Rafi for example. This adorable black Labrador loves snow as much as the next person, but it’s the way he enjoys it that’s making him popular on the internet!

His family took him to a snow-covered hill one day. And the possibilities were endless for little Rafi. He knew exactly what he needed to do! Wait till you see the little boy body-slide down the hill! Even his family is left in stitches at his antics!

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