When you decide to bring a pet home, you are making a commitment to the animal of caring for it and giving it a loving home. People adore puppies and kittens when they are young, but once they grow out of that cute stage, many pets tend to be abandoned. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s the truth. A dog is the most loyal companion you can ever find, yet so many of them are left in shelters each year by the same family they trusted.

The following video captures the exact moment this pit bull knew she was abandoned. Electra was put in a barred cage. Suddenly forced into an alien environment, surrounded by strangers—it was a distressing moment for the poor dog. The pain in her eyes is visible. All she wanted was her family, but she couldn’t understand why she was abandoned like that.

If you are not ready to take in a dog for life, it is better to get one only after you are ready to make that commitment. Let’s hope dogs don’t have to get repaid for their loyalty like this.

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