Animals have grown accustomed to our lifestyles. They enjoy the comforts of the indoors, and have even grown to love watching television! You might have seen videos on the internet of animals getting really excited to see other animals on television. For instance, dogs go bananas whenever they see other dogs on screen.

The kitty in this video was watching a horror movie. By the looks of it, he seemed really immersed in it. Look at his eyes darting from side to side, checking everything he saw on screen! He was really drawn into the suspense. So when a scary bit came along, it was natural for him to lose it!


The little kitty looked so surprised, and was totally scared out of his wits. He even jumped in fright right when the scary scene came onscreen. He might not have understood every dialogue of the movie, but he understood enough to run away at the sight of danger!

Check out his incredible reaction below:

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