There is nothing more adorable than little babies. They see the world with eyes full of wonder, and learn new things every day. A baby’s day is made up of eating, sleeping, and discovering new stuff. It might sound easy, but it can be really tough on these little tykes! For instance, they might not think they are tired and refuse to sleep, but they never know when the Sandman pulls a surprise on them!

The little kid in this video is a perfect example. He must have been simply playing around. Out of nowhere, he was hit by a string urge to sleep. There are some things in life that you can’t ignore or postpone, such as hunger and sleep. So when he felt drowsy, this little guy began dozing off on the spot!

Thankfully, he had a faithful friend by his side. The family dog was right there beside him. The baby was nodding off to sleep, and after a while he couldn’t hold himself up. He landed straight on the dog! Thankfully, the dog seemed to sense the kid needed some help, so he leaned on the ground to provide the best support.


These two are so adorable together! They make the perfect little team. This is one of the reasons why dogs are so lovable—they make the perfect babysitters too!

Check these two out below:

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